Welcome back to me!!!

Hi. Its been years since my last post here, and now I’m back to writing nonsensical stuff that’s coming out of my mind. Hahahaha!!!

Today is April 3, Friday, already 3:25 am. And I’m yawning but still can’t sleep. My brain is still up for something to put in here. Ahmm… actually the whole world right now is in crisis because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The virus originated in Wuhan,China and the experts said that it came from bats. It is first known as novel corona virus (NCoV) and eventually became corona virus disease (CoviD). We all know that Chinese are known for eating exotic foods. It already killed many people around the world and still counting. Below is the statistics as of April 02, 2020, 19:37 GMT.

So today, Manila is in more than 2 weeks enhanced community quarantine (in other words “lockdown”). Many people are hoping and waiting for government aids and assistance, most especially those who are less fortunate ones. The quarantine is supposed to finish on April 14. But with the rising number of patients and deaths, it will most probably get extended until the country is covid-free.

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