Happy Birthday


Today is February 8, 2007 and it’s Thursday.. My dad’s Birthday.. heheh… And 2 days ago is choi’s birthday… Ei… I just hope you can view my blog so that you can read this… haha!! But sad to say, you can not….nyahahha!!! Maybe if your sis will spend a lil time for this.. hehe… Ok, well… i just wanna say belated happy birthday to you even if it wasn’t a happy day at all… harhar!! Sorry I can’t see you that day coz you’re too busy… Sorry I wasn’t able to give you a birthday cake like what you did on my birthday… Is it last year???? heheh… Sorry if I cannot think of any gift to give you instead of toys.. Sorry for treating you a kid…. Sorry coz you don’t want to accept my gift now… I texted you but you chose to sleep…. very funny!!!!!!! And lastly… you’re so annoying!!!!!!!!! I’m gonna kill you…….. grrrrrr…!!!! good luck in everything……. don’t worry about me…… (i know you don’t, heheh) sayonara…. aishiteru… ******


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