Last Song Syndrome … ;)

-November 24, 2010

—-To listen to music before going out of the house, and having the last song you hear before leaving stick in your head all through your journey, and beyond. Is usually accompanied by subconscious humming. This syndrome is particularly dangerous when the song happens to be the most pathetic, crappy, albeit catchy song ever.

—-when you end up singing random songs that you last heard whether you like the song or not. You might have heard this song in a span of 30mins or a max 8hrs.

—aaahhhhh…….. ganun pala yun…. ang cute naman ng sakit nato… hehhehhe… naalala ko na minsan na rin ako naging ganun.. harhar… eh bakit ba???? masaya kayang kumanta… bwahahahahh!!! 😉


2 thoughts on “Last Song Syndrome … ;)

    • wahahaha… everything under the notes were from my old blog.. reposted..;) just don’t wanna lose those memories… nagiging makakalimutin nako eh… nyahaahhah!!! 😉

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