The Bayleaf



The first-ever, soon to open hotel in Intramuros. It’s location formerly stood McDonalds on the right side and an abandoned building on the left.. 😉 I was pretty shocked when I heard of it… I think it would be nice, because it will only make Intramuros more crowded and have more traffic.. parking anywhere even in the center of the street.. Can cause more accidents like hit by a rushing car knowing that Intramuros is a combined commercial and residential area. Anyway, according to sayings, maybe it is true.. that hotel is owned by a school named Lyceum of the Philippines, now a University which is why they’ve come up into something like it.. ;p As you can see on the left side of the building, it would be Lyceum’s school for Culinary and Cruise Line Management and any that’s related to these two… (sigh….) Whatta nice school… for sure it costs their students a thousands… ;p


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