Play into Pain

I’m very curious why my sis-in-law blogs much of light, so I give it a try… 😉

First, I charged our one and only torch and after having it full, I instructed my kid to hold it and wave it in any directions. But I didn’t get attractive figures. So when my younger sister is done with her too late lunch, I asked her a favour to do it. We turned off the lights on the ceiling and closed the door. (I just thought that it would be embarrassing if every person who passes by could see us.. hakhak!!) 😀

She swirled the torch, did fast movement so it can create lengths, and surprisingly it is fun.. 😀 Then I decided to do it also and my sis in the camera. With my arms going around and even hit my bebe’s head, wow… in less than a minute I got tired and a lot of breath catching to make.. wahahah!!! I never imagined that it could cause a lot of sweat… bwahahah!!! 😀

Well then.. here are the photos taken…… 😛



After all of this craziness.. what I gain is muscle pain… harhar!!! 😀


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